Testimonial *Been Having Challengingin My Body, Some Female Issues. Cramping Pain, discomfornt. Well called the prayer Network Leaders and intercessorsors prayed with me before i went to my appointment. The Doctor did a ultrasound and other tests and Praise God all was well. The pain had stopped before i got there. And all was well. Giving God all Glory.Thank You Prophet and Prayer Network

Author *Doris    January 10, 2020  

ALL GLORY AND HONOR GO TO THE MOST HIGH GOD! I’ve requested prayer for my sister that was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctors had stated two weeks ago they saw a spot on her liver, and they believe something is wrong. The doctor requested to have more test done. My sister had the test done. On yesterday, December 17, 2019, she had an appointment to inquire how long she will continue to have Chemotherapy. We were believing that she will be cancer free. The doctor arrived in the room and stated YOU HAVE NO SIGNS OF CANCER! YOU ARE CANCER FREE AND GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE!!!!! MY SISTER DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE SURGERY OR RADIATION. GOD IS SO AMAZING AND FAITHFUL! My sister only had approximately 4 Chemo treatments. This testimony is for you to believe that we serve an amazing GOD and HE can do anything. GLORY AND HALLELUJAH!

Tushiba    December 18, 2019  

Testimonial *I Wrote Prophet about A Block That A Lady Had Put On Me For Money Gram At Walmart So I could Not Send Money To Ghana, So I Ask Prophet To Stand With Me Concerning That. I Went To Western Union Today. The Lord Said Go to Western Union. The Block Was lifted. HALLELUJAH! I had been sending Money Since around about 2015 to the Orphanage before the Lady block me. Glory TO God. Thank You Prophet

Author *Doris    December 5, 2019